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We are still working on getting more content up and covering more issues beyond the LDS essays and basic truth controversies, and we wanted to launch a blog to make quick posts about topics that are either in the news or due to releases from the LDS church.

Come Follow Me: The Curse of Dark Skin (January 19, 2020) -  A look at how the church changed their Come Follow Me manual after printing to avoid discussing the literal text in 2 Nephi that the Lamanites were cursed with a "skin of blackness" in order to "not be enticing" to the "white and delightsome" Nephites, and what church history and past prophets say about this very painful belief.

About That Joseph Smith and Masonry Video (January 17, 2020) - A review of the church's new "now you know" video on Joseph Smith, the Masons, and the endowment ceremony. We look at what the church isn't telling members in this video, and why that matters.

It's Not Blind Faith, It's Big Faith (January 16, 2020) - A quick write-up about the devotional where BYU-I president Henry Eyring discussed doubts with students, and why they should not have blind faith, but big faith to problems with church history, doctrines, or leaders.

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