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We are still working on getting more content up and covering more issues beyond the LDS essays and basic truth controversies, and we wanted to launch a blog to make quick posts about topics that are either in the news or due to releases from the LDS church.

The Transfiguration of Brigham Young (June 30, 2020) - A look at the story of the transfiguration of Brigham Young and what the evidence tells us actually happened. From there we look at why this event is possibly the most important story to understanding church history as a whole, and how every member needs to understand it when studying church history.

About That Gold Plates Video (June 18, 2020) - A review of the church's new "now you know" video on the gold plates containing the Book of Mormon. We look at what the church leaves out of the video, and how it contradicts the "now you  know" seer stone video released just ten months earlier.

What Do The Church's Scriptures Teach Us About Race Today? (June 14, 2020) - We take a look at Russell Nelson's statement that "prejudice, hate and discrimination are learned," and compare that to past statements from prophets, seers, and revelators along with what the church's own scriptures teach about what caused people to have dark skin to this very day.

Why are there multiple accounts of the First Vision and what can we learn from them? A closer look. (April 3, 2020) - We take a look at the new church article about the First Vision accounts, and take a closer look at the arguments made to dismiss scholarly criticism of Joseph Smith's change in seeing just one personage to both God and Jesus from 1832 to 1838.

Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign (April 2, 2020) - A response to another social media post that looks at how the coronavirus actually proves the church is true, and that it is led by a living prophet who prepared us for this pandemic. We look at how confirmation bias can lead us to look for signs that bolster our case while ignoring the many red flags that are telling us the exact opposite.

Searching for Parallels to Explain Problems Away (March 24, 2020) - A response to a recent social media post about how the church was positioned by God for the coronavirus outbreak, and how the use of parallels by apologists overlook the massive problems underneath that have no good answers.

The Church Does Not Take a Position (March 5, 2020) - A look at the recent issues with the church's handbook, the BYU Honor Code whiplash towards LGBT students, and why the church refuses to take a position on the urgent and important issues of our time.

Come Follow Me: Ensign Peak, Tithing, and Why the Church Claims They Hid it From Members (February 10, 2020) - A look at the recent articles about the Ensign Peak investment fund, and what the church claims is the reason they hid the truth about their $124 billion fund from members.

Come Follow Me: What if Skin Doesn't Mean Human Skin? (January 30, 2020) - A response to the opinion piece in the Salt Lake Tribune about the dark skin controversy from 2 Nephi, and how the apologetic argument that the curse of dark skin actually meant clothing is an insult to our intelligence and has no basis in fact or common sense

Elder Tad R. Callister: Straw Man Slayer (January 28, 2020) - A look at the recent official church article titled "The Book of Mormon - man-made or God-given," and detailing why Elder Callister's framing of critical arguments is not just deceptive, but intentiomally misleading in order to paint the critics as flip-flopping conspiracy theorists while ignoring the actual problems that they have been talking about since the beginning of the church.

Come Follow Me: The Curse of Dark Skin (January 19, 2020) -  A look at how the church changed their Come Follow Me manual after printing to avoid discussing the literal text in 2 Nephi that the Lamanites were cursed with a "skin of blackness" in order to "not be enticing" to the "white and delightsome" Nephites, and what church history and past prophets say about this very painful belief.

About That Joseph Smith and Masonry Video (January 17, 2020) - A review of the church's new "now you know" video on Joseph Smith, the Masons, and the endowment ceremony. We look at what the church isn't telling members in this video, and why that matters.

It's Not Blind Faith, It's Big Faith (January 16, 2020) - A quick write-up about the devotional where BYU-I president Henry Eyring discussed doubts with students, and why they should not have blind faith, but big faith to problems with church history, doctrines, or leaders.

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