Book of Mormon Issues

In this section we want to give a wide-ranging discussion about issues with the Book of Mormon and why they put into question the authenticity of the Book of Mormon as well as Joseph Smith's status as a prophet of God. This section will go into many different areas of the Book of Mormon in order to get a fuller picture of both the problems surrounding the scriptures as well as some of the common apologetic responses and where they are being fair and where they are being dishonest.


We highly encourage you to read through all sections as we discuss the following elements of the Book of Mormon and its origin:

          -Official LDS Essay "Book of Mormon Translation" with Discussion Notes

          -Official LDS Essay "Book of Mormon DNA Studies" with Discussion Notes

-Deutero-Isaiah and King James Bible Problems

-Historicity of Faith Promoting Stories

-The Lost 116 Pages

          -Anachronisms and Historical Evidence of the Book of Mormon (Coming soon - brief entry in our Summary page)