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Thank you for visiting LDS Discussions. Our goal is to explore the various topics of Mormonism from a historical perspective using mostly LDS sources. The material on this site has been written by members of the LDS church that have left, and incorporates both critical and apologetic standpoints on each topic. This is all of the information that we wish had been available to us years ago, and is all sourced so that you can know it is not "anti-Mormon" as so many will claim, but just history as we now know it backed up with both sources and our beliefs and explanations.

We have gone through and taken the official LDS essays that the church released on some of the more controversial issues and annotated them with our notes where we feel the church is not being truthful about their claims. While the church has taken a positive step forward with the admissions in these essays, our annotations make clear that there are still serious problems that remain on these topics. These annotated essays are long, but they need to be in order to give a full picture of these topics that have remained controversial through the history of the church.

We highly encourage all readers to check out the various pages on this website, and we will continue to add more content as we go. For those looking for a general overview, we have created a Summary of the Problems with the LDS Church page that links to all of our various annotated essays and pages.


Following the release of the new Saints book from the LDS church, we have completed a chapter-by-chapter review and fact-check, Saints: The Standard of Truth?

We have also launched a blog that will have shorter posts on current church topics, historical issues, and more.

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