Ban on Blacks for the Priesthood and Temple Ordinances

In this section we want to give a wide-ranging discussion about the LDS ban on black members receiving the priesthood and/or participating in temple ordinances. One common misconception is that this ban only impacted black males, but black females were also denied ordinances in the temple as well as (in the early days) the ordinances like healing the sick by the laying on of hands.


We highly encourage you to read through all sections as we disuss thhe following elements of the priesthood ban:

          -Historical Timeline of the Priesthood/Temple Ban on Blacks

          -Quotes from Church Leaders about the Ban

          -Official LDS Essay "Race and the Priesthood" with Discussion Notes

          -LDS Scriptures That Contributed to Priesthood/Temple Ban on Blacks (Book of Mormon/Book of Abraham) - Coming Soon

          -Responses to LDS Apologetic Materials (FAIR, LDS Answers, etc) - Coming Soon