About Those Sealing Keys (March 13, 2019)

One of the most important foundations of the LDS church is the claims to authority through the priesthood, and Joseph Smith's vision in the Kirtland temple to receive the sealing keys is one of


One of the concepts we have highlighted in many areas of this website is that the concrete claims to significant revelation ended with Joseph Smith. In the entire Doctrine and Covenants there are just two sections not written by Joseph Smith (136 and 138). We're not really looking to dissect those two sections, but if you read them you can see how differently they read than what Joseph Smith produced in the other 136 sections - Brigham Young's section is effectively a game-plan to move west, and Joseph F Smith's is recapping a claimed vision as opposed to direct revelation. We would also note that visions from prophets have turned out to be debunked, such as Wilford Woodruff's vision of the Founding Fathers.

Critics often point out that there has been no revelation since Joseph Smith, even though the church implies that major revelations have taken place. For example, the lifting of the priesthood ban on black members is talked about as revelation, but the process as described by Apostle LeGrand Richards makes it clear that it was a decision by committee that came about due to needing attendance at the upcoming Brazil temple. You can read that interview in our LDS Gospel Topics Annotated Essay on Race and the Priesthood.

I hope that anyone who has read this post will continue to research this topic and I absolutely think you should read apologetic arguments as well. Research is the only way to know the truth, and there's no way to find that truth unless you're willing to tackle both sides of the issue with an open mind.

We've mentioned on many other posts how difficult it is to take in this new information, and we understand how painful it is to process. Please email us anytime at ldsdiscussion@gmail.com if you would like more resources to learn about these issues or if you are looking for people that you can safely talk to as you continue your faith journey.

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