The New Survey On Interviewing 8-11 Year Old Children (July 11, 2019)

Recently the LDS church has been in the news for their survey to members on interviewing 8-11 year old children on issues such as worthiness, which has included sexual questions for those older than 11 in the Mormon church. This has set off a wave of criticism from both ex-Mormons and even some believing members who see this as a way to establish authority over these children at too early of an age in an attempt to stop the rise in those who leave the church as they get older.

I was able to access the survey, but do not want to post the link because I do not want everyone to log in and answer who was not intended to take the survey, because as much as I do not believe the church to be true as you can see from our other pages, I come from a marketing research background and do not want to ruin the church's data.

So instead of posting the link, I am going to post a screenshot of every screen from the survey - some of which were not posted originally, although the ones not previously posted online (that I saw anyway) were not terribly important. But below is the survey in its entirety, in order. I am not putting any commentary to the questions for now, but thought getting it out in full would help the conversation many are having.

lds 711 1.png
lds 711 2.png
lds 711 3.png
lds 711 4.png
lds 711 5.png
lds 711 6.png
lds 711 7.png
lds 711 8.png
lds 711 10b.png
lds 711 9.png
lds 711 10.png

This is the survey in its entirety - the only follow-up question that is dependent on a previous answer is the one just above where it asks you to comment as to why you are in favor or opposed to having 8-11 year old children by church authorities.

As I mentioned above, this post is not meant to provide commentary about this survey as I just wanted to quickly get it up since I think it can help add to the conversation. If you are interested in learning more about church history or current topics, please check out the other pages on our site. A few starter pages I'd recommend for those interested in learning more:

We've mentioned on many other posts how difficult it is to take in this new information, and we understand how painful it is to process. Please email us anytime at if you would like more resources to learn about these issues or if you are looking for people that you can safely talk to as you continue your faith journey.

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