About LDS Discussions

Welcome to LDS Discussions. This site is meant to be a place where LDS topics can be presented with honest historical context along with both critical and apologetic responses. All content on this page is from people who have been active LDS members but left, and we are hoping to present the info here that we wish others would have told us long ago. While there are already many great resources that do this, we are hoping to incorporate many current LDS approved sources into the discussion. 

This is going to be an ongoing project that will take on one topic at a time, and then continue the discussion as new topics generate interest and new materials surface.

We hope that you will give us feedback as we go - we want to be as accurate as humanly possible, so please send us an email if we have anything wrong. If there are topics you feel need better coverage, let us know that - our resources are limited but we want to cover subjects that can be helpful to both believers and non-believers.

Our goal with the website is to provide an accurate picture of the LDS church in terms of history, authenticity, and doctrine. As a former church member, I feel that the church was dishonest in how they project the church to members and I want to put my research into these topics to use so that others with questions can get a more realistic picture of what happened.

Please email us anytime with suggestions or comments at ldsdiscussion@gmail.com

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